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Domestic Cleaning Services

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Domestic Cleaning

Our comprehensive domestic cleaning services blend regular upkeep with specialized deep cleaning, ensuring a pristine living environment tailored to your needs.

Experience the joy of a consistently tidy space with our regular cleaning. We meticulously handle daily tasks like dusting, vacuuming, and surface cleaning, maintaining your home’s inviting ambience. Dive deeper with our thorough deep cleaning service, perfect for seasonal refreshes or before special events, targeting hard-to-reach areas and leaving no corner untouched.

Our expertise extends to specific needs such as oven cleaning, where we tackle stubborn grease and grime to restore your oven’s shine. Our team ensures your floors, whether hardwood or tiles are not just clean but also gleam with care. In the bathroom, revel in a sanitized, odour-free space that’s as sparkling as it is hygienic.

DCC team is not only well-trained in the latest cleaning techniques but also Garda-vetted, guaranteeing both safety and satisfaction. 

Commercial Cleaning
A Thorough Clean for a Fresh Start

Deep Clean

Every space occasionally requires more than just a surface clean; it demands a deep clean. Our specialized deep cleaning services are designed to tackle those hard-to-reach areas and stubborn layers of grime, revitalizing your home or office. Our deep cleaning regimen is comprehensive, from diligently scrubbing floors to meticulously sanitizing bathrooms. We go the extra mile to ensure every corner is pristine, providing a fresh, revitalized ambience. Dublin Cleaning Corporation’s deep cleaning service is your solution for a thorough, professional cleaning, ensuring a refreshing new start for your space.

Maintain a Clean Space Effortlessly

Regular Clean

A well-maintained, clean environment significantly contributes to your overall well-being and comfort. We offer impeccably scheduled regular cleaning services to keep your home or office in exemplary condition. Our diligent team handles routine chores like dusting, mopping, and trash removal with utmost precision, ensuring you revel in a consistently clean and welcoming space. Our regular cleaning services are a testament to our commitment to providing a clean, healthy living or working environment, making the maintenance of cleanliness an effortless task for you.

Make Your Oven Shine Like New

Oven Cleaning

An impeccably clean oven is fundamental for both safety and enhanced cooking performance. Our superior oven cleaning services are proficient in removing built-up grease, food residues, and persistent odours, restoring your oven to its prime condition. Our team can easily handling this challenging task, ensuring you can enjoy cooking in a cleaner, safer, and more efficient oven.

Floors So Clean You Could Eat Off Them

Floor Cleaning

Floors endure the most yet are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Our extensive floor cleaning services encompass sweeping, mopping, and polishing, guaranteeing that your floors are not only clean but also aesthetically appealing. Regardless of the flooring type - be it hardwood, tile, or carpet, our expertise ensures they shine to perfection. Dublin Cleaning Corporation is your trustworthy partner in maintaining pristine, gleaming floors that speak volumes of your impeccable taste and cleanliness standards.

Floor Cleaning
Contract Cleaning
A Bathroom You'll Want to Show Off

Bathroom Cleaning

A bathroom requires meticulous cleaning, given its daily use. Our bathroom cleaning services are centred around thoroughly sanitising and deodorising all surfaces, ensuring every corner, from toilets to sinks and bathtubs, is sparkling clean. Dublin Cleaning Corporation takes the chore of bathroom cleaning off your hands, providing a sanitized, odour-free, and beautiful bathroom you'd be proud to show off. With us, you're not just getting a cleaning service; you're getting a promise of excellence, reliability, and a bathroom that reflects a clean, beautiful ambience.

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